Daylite CRM

the ultimate CRM Experience for Mac users

Be a rockstar in front of your clients with Daylite – the most powerful small business CRM for Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Daylite will help you stay on top of follow-ups, organize communication with leads and clients, track deals, and organize all the moving pieces in projects – all in one place. You’ll wonder how you managed your business before Daylite!
Daylite CRM

Why people choose Daylite

In a nutshell, Daylite is made for the life of an entrepreneur! It is the ultimate CRM solution for entrepreneurs and organizations with up to 100 team members. And Daylite is made specifically for Mac users.

Most CRMs are good at managing customers and sales, but don’t help you do a great job at managing projects for clients or day-to-day and personal tasks.

From client follow-ups and project checklists to reminding you when a sales potential should have been closed, customers rave about how Daylite helps them keep it all straight.

Daylite CRM

How Daylite Helps You Grow your business

Win more Business

Win more business

Close more deals by making sure nothing slips through the cracks. No matter how many deals you have in your pipeline, with Daylite CRM you ensure all are getting the proper attention to close in record time!

Be super efficient

Be Super Efficient

Manage more clients and projects without having to hire more people. With everything in one shared place, you save time and money, and your communications with your client are consistent and on time!
Repeat Business

Repeat Business

Always be on-the-ball with clients and remember the little things to create an amazing client experience. This is a recipe for building more repeat business and client referrals!
Work stress free

Work Stress-free

Manage workload and have teams coordinate in a happy environment that’s organized and on the same page. Teams work happier with less stress, which means happy and satisfied customers!
Work remotely

Work on the go

Access, edit, and create client/project while on-site with clients, while traveling, on the go, or across multiple locations. with apps for your iPhone and iPad, it doesn't really matter where you do your magic from!
Work/ life balance

Work/life balance

From managing client projects to your kids’ soccer game, Daylite helps you stay on top of everything in one place. With Daylite's highly customizable environment, the sky is virtually the limit!


With Daylite, you can create as many "pipelines" as your business requires, be that for your sales or project management activities.

And what's really cool about Daylite, our favorite feature which we rely on the most, is the ability to create cross-modular "actionable" queries!

This means that you can create a view that is based on conditions across multiple modules (companies, people, projects, sales funnel, and custom forums), and take real action (i.e. send personalized emails, schedule calls, etc.) with the click of a mouse.

Here's a practical example; you want to reach out to prospects whom you sent proposals to but lost in a give stage for lack of budgets available. They liked your product, but they didn't have it in the budget. Well it's a year later now, so why not check in with them again? You never know, right?

Daylite CRM
Nothing is easier than that. First you prepare the personalized email template. Then you create a lookup with conditions to limit results to "state = lost", "sales stage = negotiations", the companies you sent the proposals to, and the persons within the companies who are at the right decision-making level. That's it. You select all, right click and select "send message", and let Daylite do all the rest. And all messages you sent are saved in each respective company's and person's log, so when you need to check in a year what happened previously, you have it all there.

Daylite Features you'll absolutely love

Apple Integration

Apple Integration

Daylite integrates seamlessly with Apple Mail so you can “virtually paperclip” all  emails to clients, projects, and meetings. Daylite also syncs with Contacts and Calendars so you can use Apple features like Caller ID, Siri, and Notification Centre.

Offline Access

Offline Access

Unlike most CRMs that require an Internet connection and a browser, Daylite is a real Mac & iOS app. You can keep working in Daylite from a coffee shop, airplane or even from the beach because Daylite does not need a Wi-Fi connection.
Affordable and flexible


Save time and money! Rather than paying for a CRM, Project Management tool, and Task Management tool, Daylite gives you everything all in one place. You’ll love how Daylite grows with you as your business evolves because it’s so flexible.
And tons of more and more features ...
Apple Supported Features for your mac, iphone, and ipad
  • Sync with Apple Contacts & Calendars
  • Apple Mail integration on the Mac
  • Notification Centre on iPhone & iPad
  • Siri and Caller ID on iPhone & iPad
CRM Features that will help you in boosting your revenue
  • Track every email, call, meeting, note and follow-up
  • Segment your contacts into custom follow-up lists
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Lead Management & Customizable Sales Pipelines
  • Customizable Follow-up Schedule Reminders
  • Estimates
  • Sales Reporting
Project Management Features
  • Project Tracking
  • Customizable Project Pipelines and Checklists
  • Task Management & Delegation
  • Shared Calendar
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Document Management

Pricing plans

Daylite is available as a monthly subscription or annual. For pricing info please click here.

Try it today for 14 days absolutely free. Trial accounts are fully functional and have no limitations. No commitment or credit card required. Just your name, email, and a quick download. That's it!

Daylite CRM
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