Your organization's needs and expectations from a CRM are unique. You may want to increased sales, engage in more focused interactions with your contacts, or engage multiple mailing lists in drip marketing campaigns.

You may also need a solution that integrates your products/ services with online sales platforms that feed all sorts of data right back into each customer's personal record.

The opportunities are endless and span from a simple online address book to fully-fledged ERP solutions. So whatever your particular business needs are, there is always just the right set of solutions available to make it all happen.

Whatever you reasons and requirements are, we will make sure they are thoroughly researched, understood, and analyzed to ensure the most suitable CRM environment ends up being configured and installed. Moreover, the configuration of the solution we will install for you will be scalable so it serves your needs for many years to come so your investment will yield the highest ROI for a long time to come.


Even the simplest CRM solution needs a great deal of customization to suit your particular needs. In fact, the better the solution, the more it can be fine-tuned so it serves your purposes best.

And this is precisely where our expertise comes into play; setting up your CRM environment so it does exactly what you need it to do. This includes customized fields, formulas, features, and even custom-modules so it can accommodate data that's non-standard for any CRM system. And capitalizing on the exceptional flexibility and capability of the solution we work with, "not possible" or "can't be done" are phrases you will never hear us say.

Most importantly though, we can speak from our own experience; so for example, we use our CRM system as a complete event management solution with custom modules for each event's registrations, sponsors' management, soliciting speakers and presenters, and all other functions that are needed for end-to-end event management, including invoicing, collections, printing badges, etc.

This is just one example of how a CRM system can be completely customized and configured to fully serve the purposes of a very specific vertical business. And this is exactly what we will demonstrate very clearly once we've had a chance to meet with you to discuss what it is that you specifically require.


One of the main reasons why CRM installations are not as successful as they could be is resistance. Team members mostly have grown accustomed to using Outlook or similar Personal Information Management solutions which store all their emails, contacts, appointments, tasks, etc.
Sharing all of this now on a company-wide platform is not something people will buy into easily. That is unless they are convinced in that it will help them in doing their job more effectively, achieve better results, and become more efficient team members. In other words, users must become "stakeholders".
Securing your team's buy-in is one area you will see us focusing on tremendously. We will, before - during - and after - the project make sure your team members are fully involved and engaged, develop a vested interested in the process, and become vivid users and loyal advocates for your CRM system. We accomplish this not only through extensive training on the system at its macro and micro levels, but also by consulting them, engaging everybody in the design and roll-out phase, and carefully listen to their concerns and recommendations.

After all, who would object to working with a 150-lead pipeline with the same effort and time needed as working with one that has only 20 active leads?


Our business strategy has always been - and will remain built on long-term relations. Our philosophy is that you can basically sell anything to anyone once. But it takes a lot more than that to convert one-time customers to long-term clients, and ultimately to advocates of your brand, products, and services.
And this is exactly the experience we pledge to provide you with. At the end of the day, if you are not happy with your CRM solution, there is not force on earth that will entice you to renew your subscription month after month. So in short, whenever you will need us to support you, be it technically or otherwise, you will find us right there, always a phone call or email away.


This is usually where many CRM projects get stuck; consolidating, deduplicating, and updating all contact records saved in multiple Outlook PST files. We will of course provide you with the needed templates to consolidate all data from your users, but if you need us to take this one step further and remove all duplicates, make sure contact details are updated, and contacts are properly grouped and classified, we'll make it happen!


The best CRM system isn't worth the code it's written in if it's not constantly populated with fresh and promising leads. To ensure your sales and marketing teams have an ever-growing pool of leads and prospects at their disposal, we offer you our leads generation services to populate your database with any number of fresh leads each day you may need. All leads will of course be categorized and grouped by interest, level of influence, etc. so your communication tactics are as successful as they can be.


We've been doing this for so long (since 1990!), we could write volumes about it. Actually we did. You can read about it all on our blog.
Capitalizing on our long-term expertise in using CRM's and associated tools (i.e. mass emailers, surveys, etc.) to generate new leads and connect with customers and clients, you will not only have a perfectly well-functioning CRM ecosystem, but most importantly one that operates in a fashion that actually produces the results that made you install a CRM to begin with.

And most importantly, we will share with you all the trick and insights we have, not only about the technicalities, but from a marketing and business development perspective. Such as designing the sales funnel's stages in accordance with your industry's best practices, how to move opportunities through the sales funnel, and when and how to follow-up so your leads stay all warm and fresh.