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    CRM Consulting

    acquire | maximize | optimize

    • Business Development
    • Customer Acquisition & Retention
    • Direct & Relations Marketing
    • Cross & Up-selling
    • Organic Revenue
    • Marketing Automation
  • Acquire
    New Business

    • Capture new leads from multiple sources
    • Qualify leads, spend time only on promising opportunities
    • Customize and optimize your sales funnel
    • Reduce the duration of your sales cycle
    • Automate follow-up activities until a deal is closed
  • Maximize
    your revenue

    • Customer/ client retention for repeat business
    • Boost organic revenue from existing clients
    • Cross selling, up-selling techniques & tactics
    • Direct & relations marketing
    • Marketing automation
  • Optimize
    your operations

    • End-to-end project management
    • Collaboration tools
    • Productivity suit
    • Legal and contracts management
    • Finance, HR, and operations
    • Customer/ client support
    • Business processes automation

OUR PITCH In a Nutshell

Our mission is to provide your organization with a set of very effective technologies, and the strategies, tactics, and know-how and training to use them effectively to their fullest extent, with the ultimate outcome to:

Acquire new business


new business (customer/ client acquisition) by practicing results-driven and impactful sales and business development tactics

Maximize revenues


revenues (customer/ client retention) by promoting repeat business, cross, and up-selling



profits by streamlining and fine-tuning operations so you can do more in less time, and serve your customers and clients at your ultimate levels

And at the center of all we do and advise you with lies a CRM; your customer (or contacts) relations management solution. Because the quality of your relationship with your customers is essentially what matters the most, right?

Raed Bilbessi, Founder & CEO

Raed Bilbessi, Founder & CEO

and a 30-year plus veteran in using CRM and related solutions


Yes, you need one. Absolutely. No questions asked! If you don't have one already, you are missing out big time!

It doesn't matter if you are a large corporation, a micro enterprise, or a non-profit. Every organization needs and must stay connected with all the people who are essential to its business.

People such as your customers, leads, prospects, members, constituents, vendors, and basically anyone else who counts and whom you interact with during the course of your business conduct.

Connect with the people who matter for your business

Here's a quick test for you ...

Let's assume your company is planning on hosting its annual event, and you are tasked to compile the list of invitees.

The list must consist of the a) highest-ranking officer (CEO, Chair, GM. etc), and b) your primary contact person (the one you are in touch with frequently to conduct business) in each of your client companies.

The final list must consist of name prefixes, first and last names, job titles, email addresses, office phones and extensions, and if available the names and contact details of personal assistants.

How long did it take you to complete this simple, yet fundamental task? If it took you anytime longer than five minutes, you REALLY need to read on!

Hosting a company seminar


Amplify YOUR Business Development results

Amplify YOUR Business Development results

Optimize the time you spend on prospects and leads, and boost your revenues with razor-focused business development tactics.

Boost your organic revenue

Boost Your Organic Revenue

The hardest part is to acquire new customers. Now that you have those, capitalize on repeat business with cross and up-selling techniques.

Focused Marketing and Promotions

maximize the impact of your marketing tactics

Automate a great deal of your marketing activities, yet maintain that personal touch that keeps your name at your client's top-of-mind.
Connect with those who count on a 1-on-1 basis

Connect with those who count on a 1-on-1 basis

It doesn't really matter if you have hundreds or thousands of contacts in your database. With a CRM, you can communicate with each one personally and individually.

Eliminate redundancies and repetitive activities

Eliminate redundancies and repetitive activities

Your CRM comes with an arsenal of automation tools, so you and your team can stay focused on what matters; sales, marketing, and serving customers!

Connect with other business Applications

Connect with other business Applications

Optimize your operations by connecting your CRM to other business systems such as finance, project management, marketing, HR, customer support, etc.


If you think of a CRM solution as another piece of software that you must have because everyone else does, you're looking at this the wrong way.

Think of it as your indispensable tool that empowers you to convert leads to prospects, to customers, to clients, and finally to loyal advocates who go out of their way to promote your business, products, and services.

Think of it as the melting point of your business intelligence; the one single place that helps you to make sense out of massive amounts of data so your marketing and promotional campaigns become personal, focused, and drive tangible results.

A CRM is not merely anothe piece of technology

Getting You Started ...
Ready, Steady, Go!

A successful CRM deployment depends on how carefully it has been planned, configured, populated with real content, and the extent your team members are on board.

This is why we provide you with an end-to-end solution, spanning from identifying your organization's particular needs, configuring the system so it fits exactly to your business requirements, cleaning and importing your data (business contacts, leads, opportunities, etc.), and finally to training your team members so they're all comfortable with this new system and actually use it to its fullest extent.

We will carefully plan and execute your CRM deployment


Because we are in essence business and marketing professionals, we will make your CRM not only work flawlessly, but more importantly, we will make sure it works for you and and that it helps you in achieving your business goals and objectives. In short, we will provide you with the perfect CRM ecosystem which corresponds to exactly what you need!

And of course because we ourselves have built our business and its divisions on a massive CRM ecosystem which not only handles our marketing and sales, but pretty much automates most of our redundant tasks that would otherwise be very time-consuming.



Pinnacle is an authorized partner of these award-winning brand:

Daylite CRM
Zoho Authorized Partner in Jordan